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2016 - Year Nine               >  


2015 - Year Eight              >   Study Awards for eight (8) Saint John area filmmaking students attending

                                                      advanced training programs at the New Brunswick Filmmakers' Cooperative


2014 - Year Seven             >   Study Awards for seven (7) Greater Saint John  filmmaking students attending

                                                      advanced training programs at the New Brunswick Filmmakers' Cooperative


2013 - Year Six                  >   Study Awards for three (3) Saint John area filmmaking students attending

                                                       the Steven Bernstein Film Academy                                                       


2012 - Year Five                >   Study Awards for six (6) Greater Saint John filmmaking students attending

                                                      advanced training programs at the New Brunswick Filmmakers' Cooperative


2011 - Year Four               >   No scholarship awarded


2010 - Year Three             >   Soo Min Park - Queen's University


2009 - Year Two                >  Kirsten Stanley - Nova Scotia College of Art and Design


2008  - Inaugural Year    >   Kirsten Stanley - Nova Scotia College of Art and Design 






“In 2012, I was awarded the Film Pix Scholarship. This award changed the course of my career and really my life. I had been dabbling in video production for quite a few years and I wanted to do something more but was not sure what that was. After taking five amazing courses; I was armed with knowledge about film and production, I had made connections and I felt confident about my new skills. After a series of amazing events in September of 2012 I started hosting and producing a bi-weekly TV show for Bell Aliant's Community One Channel. This 30 minute show called Simply Zen is a lifestyle show that embraces the stories of people who are creating well be-ing in their own life. Through the sharing of their stories, we provide the viewers with tips on how to stay well; mind, body and soul. In 2013, I was asked to produce a movie with Let em Laugh Productions. Again, the courses and the knowledge shared by the instructors through my scholarship were pivotal in the decision to say yes to coming on as a producer.     

I truly would not be where I am today if I had not asked for help, received the scholarship and participated in the courses and acquired the knowledge, connections and confidence. I am so grateful to the THE FILM PIX SCHOLARSHIP FOR ASPIRING FILMMAKERS who awarded this scholarship to me.”

- Elaine Shannon

Executive Producer and Host of Simply Zen  

Producer of 'The Divorce' and 'Owl River Runners' feature films

 NOTE: article and photo courtesy of NB Film Coop







2010 Scholarship



Soo Min Park (front R)

and Film Pix volunteers

at a staff BBQ


Soo Min Park has come a long way since she first arrived from Seoul, Korea to attend high school in Canada. 


When she first arrived at Saint John High School, she could barely speak English, yet, this inquisitive, artistically minded young woman eventually finished her high school career with accomplishments ranging from 100% year-end scores in IB math, to acting as student council vice-president, to fulfillling duties as a yearbook section editor, to performing as the female lead in the school's annual musical.


Now, as a full time student at Queen's University, she has her sights set on another lofty goal - becoming a director of film.


"I would not aim to be the best director, as that is too subjective, but, I want to be remembered as a great one," says Park.


Described by one of her teachers as "extremely reliable" and "extremely hard working", Park speaks English, Korean and French, and is continuing her language studies alongside foundation courses in film, philosophy, psychology, drama, and music.


Ever the pragmatist, Park credits her course load as a full IB student, and her bustling extracurricular schedule, with avoiding what many students find to be a difficult transition between high school and university academics.


"I find no difference between high school and university," she says, "apart from class size. My largest class, psych, is 700 students!"


With her father still in Korea, her mother and a brother back in Saint John, and Park busily adjusting to Kingston, she's just completed her first university essay, and is enthusiastic about her future in film as she begins discovering its complexities, and the interconnectedness of a production's many departments.


"We recently analyzed a sequence from Crash [Paul Haggis, director] where we had to select one or two cuts from the film and describe how it captured the essence of the film," she says, "If the editing in a film is good you'll notice, and I LOVE how I notice little things now."


Soon, Park and a work group of fellow students will undertake their first university short film. She looks forward to it, with the growing realization that she has made the right career choice.


And, we look forward to the day when we see her name on the marquee. 





2009 Scholarship

2008 Scholarship



Kirsten Stanley


Kirsten Stanley, High Honours Graduate of Kennebecasis Valley High School, is not only the inaugural recipient of the Film Pix Scholarship for Aspiring Filmmakers, but a repeat recipient, having distinguished herself with a strong track record of making films and achieving superior quality with her work. The Film Pix Scholarship for Aspiring Filmmakers is valued at $1,000 (cdn) per academic year, and Stanley continues her undergraduate fine arts studies at NSCAD university. 


Describing her ultimate dream as one in which she creates films that entertain and impact the public, she is already an accomplished filmmaker, having produced, directed, written, edited, or assisted with twelve films. Her early productions include ‘Driving Angles’, a short documentary that weaves together the circumstances of four different drivers as they navigate traffic conditions; her high school’s video yearbook, for which she acted as producer and implemented a unique business model to maximize revenues for the project; and, a corporate video for a local construction company, for use as an in-house training tool.  With broad ranging interests extending beyond filmmaking, Stanley has been a member of her high school’s Leadership Team; a participant in the Youth Apprenticeship Program; an adult fitness instructor at a local health club; a gold medallist rower; and, a pianist with a Grade Three certificate. 


Film Pix Founder and Operations Manager (volunteer), Kendra Black, is proud to see the film series and scholarship program associated with Stanley, saying, “Beyond being a young filmmaker with significant growth potential, Kirsten is a bilingual high achieving student with a mind for problem solving. She's an entrepreneur and an artist. Her future looks promising.”


Stanley has also made a lasting impression on her teachers and faculty advisors, being described by one as “extraordinary”. Upon learning that her former student was short listed for the scholarship, math teacher Marie Eve Theriault commented, “I can count on one hand the number of students who have made an impact like Kirsten. She is very polite, respectful and mature; a dream student.”