Our Focus?
Tomorrow's Filmmakers.



who is eligible?


Applicants must be a permanent resident of the Greater Saint John area, with one exception -- permanent residents temporarily in another region for the purpose of attending a post secondary institution. 


Currently, a maximum of one individual per academic year will be selected to receive the $1000.00 Film Pix Scholarship for Aspiring Filmmakers. Should policies or minimum standards not be met, it remains the right of Film Pix to not award the Scholarship in a given year. The Film Pix Study Awards, awarded separately, with a range of financial values and in cooperation with the New Brunswick Film Co-op's respected Advanced Film Training program, are annually awarded to a number of Greater Saint John residents. 


Recipients for the Film Pix Scholarship for Aspiring Filmmakers shall:

  • Demonstrate potential and suitability for the rigours and demands of the Canadian film industry;
  • Possess leadership skills, and be an effective communicator, with a natural ability to tell stories;
  • Have an acceptable academic standing from their high school, community college, or university;
  • Possess an aptitude for the art and craft of filmmaking;
  • Be committed to gaining practical experience within the regional film industry;
  • Within one year of receipt of their Scaholarship, produce and direct a short film of no less than three (3) minutes, highlighting their experiences resulting from participation in the Film Pix Scholarship for Aspiring Filmmakers program, and provide a final cut version to Film Pix for promotional and marketing use.


required support materials for scholarship applications 


To be considered for the Film Pix Scholarship for Aspiring Filmmakers, an Applicant must sign a completed application form and submit it, a cover letter, and the following required support materials:

  • Current resume;
  • Current full colour head shot, portrait orientation, no less than 8 x 10 inches in size;
  • Transcript of the last two years of marks achieved at the Applicant's most recent educational institution;
  • Names, titles, and business phone numbers for no less than one teacher or professor, and one employer, or, in the event the Applicant has not been gainfully employed, the same information for the supervisor for whom the Applicant provided volunteer work;
  • An official acceptance letter from the educational institution to which the Applicant has applied;
  • A word essay of no less than five hundred (500) words, stating the Applicant's goal(s) in the film industry and why filmmaking is their chosen career, OR,
  • A short film of no less than three (3) minutes, produced and directed by the Applicant, in the genre of their choice, conveying the same information.



submitting your application


Application forms are available at the guidance departments of area high schools. Completed applications should be emailed to Film Pix, with the words 'Scholarship Program' in the subject ribbon:




Completed applications, and their required support materials, must be postmarked and mailed no later than the final week of April, of each calendar year.